We provide a unique and niche product offering to differentiate ourselves from competitors which are customised for each of our customers.
The ability to effectively handle high transactional volumes of data and load efficiently.
Reporting and BI strengths after assessing and understanding the shortfalls of competitors.
Flexibility to accommodate clients given our lower overhead and operating costs.
We possess extensive local & global exposure and experience.

Software Services and Solutions

Software Development

Mobile and website application development.
Custom design and development of Industry specific software solutions.
FAIS accredited risk prevention solutions.
Anti money laundering services & solutions.
Environmental set-up for business optimisation and efficiency.
Technical security and protection of IP.
Business process optimisation and continuous improvement, redesign and re-engineering of current and new products, processes and services solutions.
Game design, ideas and innovation.

Game Development

Website and Mobile Development.
Sports and Betting Development (e.g. lottery feeds, soccer feeds etc).
Integration of third-party solutions into the operating company’s website via iframe solutions (e.g. Habanero, Pragmatic Play etc).
Development of transactional wallets for the gaming solutions that are to be built.
User Interface development for software solutions.
Product development and mathematical formulas. Business specifications and mathematical algorithms for each game including workflow, terms and conditions and game rules.

Managed Software Solutions

Software Development

High volume data processing.
Creating innovative solutions to complex business operational and software challenges by providing accelerated professional root causing, gap analysis and recommended solutions for sustainable business growth by using our expert level knowledge, experience and expertise.
Agile, resilient, flexible and adaptable turnkey software solutions for business optimisation and operational efficiency.
Speed to Market by understanding customer's needs intractably and providing expert level solutions.
Agile philosophy and business transformation - transform your organization with our Agile coalition which helps clients embrace new principles and thrive in a flexible, collaborative environment.
Custom software development across a variety of domains for larger and smaller clients is the centre of our commitment to client growth. Enter the domain of fast pace, high stakes and continuous releases in the industry that expands to meet constant user demand for new applications.

Gaming Lab Tests / Submissions

Compliance requirements and ensuring regulation in various territories.
Professional certification for gambling, gaming, regulatory approvals and (compliance).
All business operational, commercial and compliance requirements.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence Solutions:

Data warehouse development.
Development of reports.
ETL processes.
Maintenance of data warehouse solutions.

Management of Deliverables

Operational Services:

Quality assurance analysts required for product testing.
Project Management - to actively track and monitor the progress of the development and ensure it is in accordance with the project plan and scope.
Business Analysis - to review and analyse key business metrics to devise plans for improvement to communicate findings and plans to key stakeholders. Design and specification documentation, business requirement documentation.
Sales and operations.



Cost effective solutions by facilitating the creation of low data mobile games.
RNG games (Dice, Cards, Casino, Keno, Bingo, etc).
Instant win games.
Digital scratch cards.
Sports and betting development (e.g. lottery feeds, soccer feeds etc).