Game Development

Slot Games

Land Based (Retail) Development (Native to the device)

Creation and development of land based native games.
Development of bonus features, promotions engines, tools, jackpot features and promotion guidelines.
An integration Development into any Casino Management System (CMS), Slot Accounting System (SAS) and Ticket-In-Ticket-Out (TITO) system.

Online Development

Built through the utilization of HTML 5.
Product development and mathematical formulas. Business specifications, mathematical algorithms for each game including workflow, terms and conditions and game rules.
Creation and Development of Random Number Generated Games (RNG) N.B. All games developed by EasyGames (PTY) LTD will be tested according to and against the required math probabilities etc.
Development of bonus features, promotion engines and tools, a jackpot feature and promotion guidelines.
Development of the following components required for an online sports and betting website:
  • Required iframe layers. 
  • Back-Office management systems.
  • Reporting structures.
  • Billing/ Payment structures.
  • Required significant Integrations.

Bespoke Game Development

N.B. This refers to the development of RNG games. All games developed by EasyGames (PTY) LTD will adhere to the client requirements and to the regulatory considerations and rules for each jurisdiction the game is developed for. 

Hence all games built will be developed according to:

  • Regulatory Gambling Boards.
  • Regulations within the jurisdiction of that area are adhered to.
  • Return To Players are followed accordingly, accurately and PAR sheets.

Bespoke Development

Product development and mathematical formulas. Business specifications, mathematical algorithms for each game including workflow, terms and conditions and game rules.
Crash game development - the multiplier increases steadily until it simply stops or "crashes". The player lays a bet of any amount they see fit and if they can cash out before the multiplier runs out they win their original bet multiplied by the multiplier.
Scratch card games - an online version of the traditional scratch cards.
Data lite games - games that require less data than the normal average game.
On-demand games – games available immediately to a player when required.

Player Account Management System

Development of high-performance transactional wallets required for software solutions as well as iframe solutions.
Know Your Customer compliance system development. To provide identity verification measures.
To ensure online gambling institutions have a system in place to identify and verify customers to flag potentially risky users and monitor for suspicious activity.
FICA compliance development.
Development Cash Threshold Reporting and Monitoring.

Wager Recoding System

The development of transactional recording for game integrations / 3rd party integration into the operating company’s website.
Creation and development of reporting structures such as tax reporting as well as a host of many other reports.

Sports Book Development & Risk Management

Development of wager recording systems.
Development of player account management systems.
Feed integration development as per the operator’s request or manual feed creation, development and integration.
The integration of sports such as tennis, football, soccer, cricket, hockey, basketball as well as a range of many other sports.

Lottery Integration / Product Development & Risk Management

Development of a bespoke lottery solution.
Manual feed integration development.
Feed integration development through the utilization of data from BetRadar, BetGenius etc.

Game Integrations

Game integration development for games such as BetGames, Slot Games (Pragmatic Play, Habanero etc), Golden Race Games etc.
Horse racing integrations.
Reporting structured solutions.
Payment gateway Integrations.
Back-office, event management, player account management system, wager recording system development.

Stand-Alone Product Development

Development of standalone products for both Land Based and Online markets.
Development of a Lottery solution. This solution can be integrated into an existing Sportsbook and Wager Recording System, or it can essentially be developed as a standalone product.

Land-Based (Retail) Casino Solutions

Development and Implementation, Integration of Slot Accounting System, Ticket-In-Ticket-Out Systems.
Development of custom solutions for casino machines.
Development and Integration of Games / Products into land-based.

USSD and Data Lite Solutions

Development and Implementation of USSD for Sports betting, Lottery, Horse Racing etc. This can be developed for standalone products or to integrate into existing sportsbook which has functionality on the API.

Business Intelligence Solutions

To design and develop a high end cutting-edge data warehouse solutions that are capable of taking data that is heterogonous in nature and transforming the data by developing and utilizing extraction, transformation and loading processes to create the perfect data warehouse.
Development of reports.
Maintenance of data warehouse solutions.
Data warehouse solutions can be built as per the operating company’s request in terms of tools required to build the solution. EasyGames is equipped to build solutions using, Power BI, SQL Server, Postgresql, as well as host of many other tools.


EasyGames (PTY) LTD is also equipped with the essential knowledge required in ensuring once these sports and betting solutions have been developed they undergo the proper protocols and procedures required when submissions are to be made to the necessary gaming labs (i.e., labs such as BMM, GLI and both National and Provincial Gambling Boards).
To build all reports (e.g., tax reports) and gaming products to ensure they are built in accordance with the relevant and applicable gambling board rules and regulations.
To ensure all products built for the operating company comply with the regulations and are within the jurisdiction set out by the relevant gambling boards for which the product is to be developed.